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As the combination is many , and very flexible on the design requirements .  Talk to us on your needs and requirement .  Our French trained hotel gourmet chef will be able to customized this lovely theme for you . for naked , special care is taken to ensure the...

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As the combination is many , and very flexible on the design requirements . 

Talk to us on your needs and requirement . 

Our French trained hotel gourmet chef will be able to customized this lovely theme for you .

for naked , special care is taken to ensure the freshness in preparation and setting up .

depending on the designs and ingredients selection ,our chef may need to be on site to decorate the cake just 1 hr before the event to ensure the best presentation and quality standard we uphold 


** The pictures featured here is for Illustration purposes only ,may not be completely prepared from our team **




Everything You Need to Know About Naked Cakes

Introducing the 'naked cake': New wedding dessert trend for unfrosted edges exposes the delicious flavors inside

The traditional wedding cake is typically frosted with white icing, but if a new trend takes hold, it's about to get a serious make-under.

                            Naked cake

More and more brides are opting to serve 'naked cakes' - pared-down creations that forgo an outer layer of buttercream decorated with flowers and fruits. It put the focus on the texture of the cake and the colors and flavors inside. Now, before you rush to get your own naked cake we'll give you first a guide about everything you need to know before you order your naked cake!




Stick to natural elements like fruit, fresh flowers and edible garnishes for styling.

Naked cakes tend to have a more natural and organic feel, “Typically couples who choose a naked cake incorporate natural elements like succulents, rosemary,lavender and big romantic peonies and roses, some added with seasonal fruit and preserves. 



Naked cakes flavors and fillings has a wide choices. 

Unlike with a traditional frosted cake, the flavors and fillings that you choose are going to determine what your cake looks like. If you’re looking for a style that’s cohesive, you’ll want to stick to flavors in a similar color profile with your theme. “It’s up to your personal preference, but naturally colored cakes look the best, like vanilla, carrot cake or hummingbird (a cake spiced with nutmeg and cinnamon) . As far as fillings go make sure all of your frostings and fillings make sense when eaten as a whole. Every filling should be a sliceable consistency when cold or room temperature.

             chocolate berry cake   # Pin++ for Pinterest #


Choose elements that add to the natural beauty of the cake. Let the season influence the flavor'

 Naked cakes shouldn’t be stacked too far ahead of time.

Make sure to ask your cake baker how far in advance they’re going to stack your naked cake. Here’s why, “Naked cakes are exposed instead of being covered so they’re going to dry out faster,” Most Pastry Chef says “24-hours before it’s going to be served is the maximum time that you’d want for a naked cake to be stacked.”

 Finally, smooth lines make the cake.

Some naked cake style has a very smooth lines or outer surface. Clean smooth edges are what sets a great naked cake apart from the rest. “It doesn’t matter what cake flavor you bake, the outside edge is going to be darker than the rest of the layer. Trimming off the edge is going to bring out the color of the cake as well as make it look cleaner,”

                              Cake by The Baker's Table at Cork Factory Hotel.  Photograph by Jeremy Hess Photographers.

Give it a try to get one naked cake for your special occasions and remember Cake inspiration is always here to make your dream naked cake into reality!



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