Cake inspiration vanilla sponge cake is made of natural high quality ingredients. Our in-house Pastry Chef combined the finest ingredients to come-up something light and flavourful sponge base that complient with the combination of fresh cream and choice of wide selection of fillings.                                           

                                                 Yellow-butter cake filled with blood-orange, Key-lime, and raspberry buttercreams and iced with buttercream, from Sylvia Weinstock Cakes


Filling Option:

       Blueberry Fresh Cream           Chocolate Fresh Cream                   Espresso Fresh Cream

        Blueberry Pie Filling Recipe - making this right now with berries we picked this morning! My hubby will be so happy.           Dark chocolate ganache. Did you know it's made with only two ingredients and is incredible easy?         Home-Made Stretch Mark Creams That Really Work | Closetheloophole



        Citrus Fresh Cream                             OREO Fresh Cream                    Strawberry Fresh Cream