This year , we comes out not 1 but 6 NEW favors for Mother's day , yes mummy is always special in my heart 

Where should i begin to tell about these cakes , all of them is my precious creation with my Gourmet chef . 

To Begin , the most unusual and NEW in Singapore will be our Bird Nest Cake , it is not too sweet , added with pureness of stewed bird nest with wholeness goodness and fragrances of Wolfberry . This will definitely be a pleaser and great gift this year !  

Next , will be out Signature Mao Shan Wang King of Durian Cake .. we discontinue 2 years ago due to shortage of the high grade durian , anything less is something we will NEVER do ...

This time round , we stock Mao Shan Wang early and improve the smoothness and blend and added the french and oriental designer look . It is definitely a looker . 

we sold more than 2000 pieces since we lauch this babe . This time round you tell , if it is better than the last ...

This Triple Chocolate is something like a MUST in French Patissier.

it is not exactly difficult cake but it is skillful to prepare and it is really very good .. if you hard core chocolate lover . in 3 distinct layers and separate wholesome distinct chocolate blends that never fails ...  

Blueberry Cheese Cake ... a classic with Cake Inspiration twist .. there is many cheesecake available , the base and fundamental of any cheesecake is the cheesecake itself , this raspberry blend is my personal favorite . It has bit of fruity sour that is PERFECT for the creaminess of cheese and this is personally very important for me .. hope you love it ..

Mangos . Mangos. Mangos. ... everyone is asking me to bring this cake back .. we sold quite a bit last season , it is lots of work to prepare the highest grade of mangos . we usually get it fresh from my favorite fruit uncle. The whole carton freshly arrived from Thailand each est a KG kind .. as we cook and prepare the mango to be of the very best and nothing else . 

The 1st Mango Cake we are taking here is the mousse cake , we prepared it to be smooth and light with combination of sponge and obvious flesh of mango chucks 

well , you can visualized and imagine the rest of the taste .. 

Next in Line , will be Mango Lime CHEESECake

this special edition with Lime and lemon to Sour Cream and Cheese . 

thanks to the great master chef whom mixes the mango and cheese cake 

it is really good .....

All our cakes is created in Kitchen , were chef s with many year of gourmet experience from Taiwan , Dubai , French learning experiment and create all kinds of pastries . Come back my shop any day , you can smell the best cake in oven , see the artist decorating the cakes and samples our R&D deli and many more.. we love to meet you and hear your feedback from our cakes ..

Yes , and please do not forget to order a cake from mum ... 14 April 2017 ..

Yian and Cakeinspiration Gourmet team ...