Some information about Renting or Buying a Fake Cake

The prices of real wedding cakes have come to an all time high. By renting or buying a fake wedding cake and serving sheet cakes that you can buy at your local grocery store or bakery, you can save hundreds of dollars!


Fake cakes can give you the look of a luxurious wedding cake without the enormous price tag.

A large portion of a real wedding cake usually goes to waste because not every guest will actually eat cake.

Fake cakes are visually identical to real cakes. You just can't eat them. I cover them with real fondant icing and decorate them exactly like I would a real cake.

Renting a Fake Cake gives you the opportunity to view your cake before one of the most important days of your life! There are no surprises!

'Cutting the Cake' is easy too. Have a small real cake (or cupcakes) already cut and placed behind the fake cake at cutting time. You pose for the photographs 'cutting' the fake cake and then feed each other a piece of the real cake. It is super easy and no one will notice that you haven't actually "cut" the wedding cake. I can make the small real cake (or cupcakes) too.

I use Styrofoam circles or squares (other shapes are available) to create your fake wedding cake. I use real fondant for a real, fresh cake look.

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