Premium Dense Butter Cake:

CAKEINSPIRATION pastry team comes from a lineage of fine 5 stars hotels with vast experience to create the perfect recipe for your customized cakes.....

Our cakes DESIGN  range spread from Home celebration to corporate and wedding cakes 

in particular for wedding cakes , specific recipes and request was made from our restaurants and events partners to standardized based on the TOP 3 in house special dense cake recipes 

  • Choc Dense belgium Black Out 

  • Red Velvet 

  • and Vanilla classic 

Technically speaking , to decorate any 3d art cake , it is important the artist work with a firm cake ( moist yet firm ) butter cake base provide the base sculpting conditions to make the perfect 3d cake 

For height above 3 tiers- eg wedding cake , dense cake is suggested instead to provide a more stable structure and smooth skin texture under the fondant  .

In CAKEINSPIRATION , we have a special gourmet R&D and baking dept lead by 5 stars gourmet chef specialized to create the perfect cake , so our cakes not only looks perfect but really taste good as well .

You got sample to understand how good these cake is :-) 

This invitation is always open @ CAKEINSPIRATION , 48 Joo Chiat Place ( by appointment only ) 

Just let us know you like to sample our cakes for your consideration , we will be happy to received you.

Buttercake selection

  • vanilla 

  • black out 

  • red velvet

  • carrot cake ( eggless) 

  • fruit cake ( eggless)

  • choc ( non diary)






Cake Filling Available:

  •  Butter Cream Flavor: Vanilla/Chocolate

  •  Ganache :  Chocolate Ganache

  •  Buttercream Cream with Alcohol: Bailey’s Irish Cream 

  •  New Cake Flavor: Carrot Cake/Fruit Cake 

Things to know about butter cake....

Butter cakes contain fat (butter) and rely on a chemical leavener (baking powder, baking soda) for their rise.  They are flavorful, and have a good texture and volume.   The French called the butter cake "quatre-quarts" which translates to four-quarters, meaning 1/4 of the recipe is flour, 1/4 sugar, 1/4 butter and 1/4 eggs.  The first butter cake had no artificial leavener and volume was obtained through the mixing (aeration) of the batter.  

Buttercake This cake has a firm, moist texture that makes it perfect for tiered designs. We've added different flavors from Classic to Premium to give it a richer taste everyone will love.                      


Other examples of butter cakes are the white and yellow cake, coffee cakes, teacakes, and fruitcakes.   Some butter cakes are rich and flavorful enough to stand alone (fruitcakes, teacakes) sifting confectioners sugar or drizzled with a glaze.  Others, layer or sheet butter cakes, taste even better with a layer of frosting, lemon curd, jam and preserves or nuts.