Topper Money Theme Series - Manjong theme 8 TILES OR 13 TILES Design 8 tiles Cake 麻将蛋糕

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  ( THE CUSTOM WHITE COVERED CAKE BOARD IS EXCLUDED FROM PRICE TO HAVE THIS OPTION A TOP UP OF $20 IS CHARGEABLE )    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION :  This special design is featuring to very popular Wealth and Money Theme for games of Poker , Chips , Baccarat  All the...

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This special design is featuring to very popular Wealth and Money Theme for games of Poker , Chips , Baccarat 

All the small items is all design hand crafted from Sugar to reference . Rest assure these are all detail and high quality from our years bringing to you our custom line of cakes ...  

This is a 8 Tile smaller version for smaller celebration 

for a more detail artwork 13 Lucky tiles is also available from another option.


Cakeinspiration has a long line of popular "longevity Theme AND Wealth Theme Related Custom Cakes" 

We selected few distinct collection which is smaller in size and suitable for family celebration in our custom longevity, these range are make more affordable and good value for money with the high quality in both taste and design 

For our for range of Grand Custom Longevity Cakes 

and for some other design if not from this collection please reference to our Money Theme Cakes Artwork 



Upon Checkout, please run thru these optional preferences

so we will be closer to your request, if we are out of the requested preference, the seller is able to replace with the closest alternative by initiative.

1. Flavors Preference 

You can decide on type of fillings inside the cake 

  1. strawberry w fresh cream

  2. blueberry with fresh cream

  3. choc with fresh cream

2. Sponge cake flavor

If the cake you selected is sponge based cake, you can indicate if prefer

  1. Vanilla sponge

  2. Choc sponge

3. Delivery or collection arrangement

Please indicate 

A. self-collection

    1. Cakeinspiration @ 253 Joo Chiat Road

    2. Cafe69 , Downtown East , E HUB ,02-11

B. delivery arrangement, A delivery fee of $20 is chargeable

    4. Wordings on Cake (FOC) (select 1)

    1. Adding Cut out fondant Names 12 letters FOC

    2. Adding cream written text (less than 8 words) FOC

    3. Anything more than above will be chargeable @ $10/-

    5. Candles, Company Provide FOC standard candles

    1. Indicate how many Big and how many Small upon checkout remarks

    2. We sell Number lettering candles $2 each number

    3. We sell fireworks Candles $3 each (30 sec sparks )

    Other Cakes Technical Details

    1. Height of cakes 

    1. All buttercream based cake will be 9 cm in height ( Sponge cake with fresh cream fillings option type )

    2. All Choc ganache or Durian Based cake will be 6 cm in height as standard

    2. Additional Customization

      you may also request for minor modifications of designs direct with seller.

      However, will be subjected to charges, e.g. change of colors, design etc. ...on a case to case basic and subjected to time lead allowance if permissible to change or modified from standard offering  

      3. Design Reference  All the cakes pictures for this product is reference ONLY  as in nature all our design custom cake is manually and individually handcrafted, company ensure we got the skills and design as close to reference or request as possible  but we cannot guarantee to be the same in perfect details as reference product photo.  And slight variant on colors, weight may be seen.4. Details and email follow up

      Cake Board 

      Standard board will be inclusive of orders, 

      Any design of cakes with thicken cake board ( styro ) with additional fondant covered over board with messages written and ribbon wrap will be extra $20 chargeable 

      4. Email follow up After confirmed of order, there will be an email to you on the confirmed order details. You are to confirmed collection details. Min lead time will be 2 working days as guide but subjected to loading and confirmation from seller from the point of order 

      Please click the link for further assistance 

      For all confirmed order placed, a confirmation email with reference order number and content will be forwarded to the buyer.

      Please forward your target redeem date to our email to to make arrangement for self-collection or delivery arrangements:

    1. Please ensure it is min 1 day advance (3 days to be safe)
    2. Only upon confirmation from company before you proceed for collection

    3. 1. Self-collection

      Please only use below contact for any arrangement regarding collection

      WhatsApp: 91903668HP
      office: 64404023

      *Please mention the content of order and reference number with your contact number and specific timing wish to collect the cake on which location

      Cakeinspiration - 253 Joo Chiat Road, S427507

      10AM to 6PM.

      Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.

      2. For Delivery Arrangement

      It is normally prepaid during checkout, you may or may not indicate the full details if you are ready to confirmed the delivery, please provide full delivery details to:

      WhatsApp: 91903668HP
      Office: 64404023

      For further assistance please follow the instruction below for redemption. All reservations for delivery we will need the following information from you:

    4. Date and preference time of delivery
    5. Address of delivery
    6. Who will be receiving this cake

    7. Terms and Conditions


      We understand sometime you may want to postpone the collection, as much as we will like to accommodate to all circumstances. Company will allow a validity of 3 months (based on same date of purchase + 3 month). On cases to case bases, customer can call us to requesting for extension:

    8. Max 1 time, request MUST be made before the expiry date (3 month from purchase)
    9. Must provide a date confirmed date to redeem from the call
    10. Company reserved the right to reject extension request after the expiry
    11. Delivery

      Basic Delivery Charges at $20/ - per trip (payable to delivery) Singapore Island wide from 10 am to 4 pm daily (2 Hour Respond time). Please ensure personally to receive the cake during the slot time frame. Free Delivery for above $200.00 orders. Additional $10 / applies if delivery to Genting/ MBS / Neo Tiew/ Jurong Industrial sites. Additional Parking charges in Business Areas may be requested based on the parking conditions. Company is NOT responsible for undelivered products due to absence of recipient or wrong address info given. As goodwill, the undelivered products will be send back to shop (253 Joo Chiat Road, S427507) for self-collection within 48 hours. Company will not be liable for uncollected products. Cake must be checked and shall be deemed accepted if no errors and discrepancies are raised immediately upon delivery/collection


      Re-delivery costs $20 per location within the stipulated delivery time slots.

      Location Exclusion

      We do not deliver to Jurong Island, restricted airline and cargo areas, BBQ pits as well as locations out of mainland Singapore.

      Delivery Conditions

      We will not be held liable for any damage rendered to the cake at the advised destination once we have left the premises. It is with this in mind that we require someone responsible to check and certify the acceptability of the cake(s) before we leave. Once delivery has been made and signed for, Cake Inspiration shall not be liable for any damage to the cake(s) thereafter or any failure to follow the instructions provided. If you choose to self-collect your order, we will not be held liable for any damage to the cake(s) once they have left our premises. For cake(s) that have delivered/self-collected, any missing add-ons for the associated order will be refunded accordingly.

      Expiry of purchase:

      For the promotional items e.g. Seasonal promotion the offer and redeem validity will be clearly stated for the specific promotion. Other than promotions, all standard price item purchase will have a effective expiry of 2 months from the date of purchase. For any reasons or circumstances where an extension is required, please contact the company before the expiry date. company reserved the rights to decide if an extension shall be offered.

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